NREN Twinning between African and European NRENs


During the "twinning workshop" held on 27 October 2009, it was agreed by those present that it would be helpful to produce a repository of information on African and European NRENs wishing to participate in the twinning activity.

During the discussions, it became clear that the in order to work effectively Twinning between African and European NRENs has to be a two-way activity with each party contributing.

Whilst there are many identifiable areas of assistance, information exchange and support that can be easily listed, there are also many intangible contributions and benefits that twinning is expected to bring to both African and European NRENs. It is important to recognise the potential benefits of such intangibles which should bring "fresh-thinking" and exploration of new opportunities and possibilities.

To further the setting up twinning activities, this area will be used to summarise availability of expertise. If you wish your NREN to be included in the summary please provide information to be entered in all columns.

This initiative is open to all AFRICAN and EUROPEAN NRENs

Please send information to: John DYER.


NREN contact Expertise available Expertise sought
 Joao Nuno Ferreira
  • Optical Networking
  • IP Routing and LIR management
  • IPv6
  • DNS (ccTLD and DNSSEC)
  • VoIP and ENUM
  • Mobility (Wi-fi and Shibolleth)
  • Videoconferencing (H.323, HD)
  • Digital Libraries and Open Access
  • Web Archive and Indexing
  • Datacentre and Exchange Point Management
  • Computer Security Incident Response Teams
 Gerti Foest
  • Optical Network Design and project management
  • NOC Management and Engineering
       (IP routing, network monitoring etc)
  • Deployment/sustainability of NREN services
        - Videoconferencing
        - Mobility (Roaming)
        - Security
            - Incident Response Teams
            - Public Key Infrastructure
        - Authorisation/Authentication Infrastructure
            - Shibboleth
  • Deployment/Pricing of new services
 DFN is currently committed in a twinning initiative with KENET, Kenya
 Daniel Lete
  • creation and correlation of SLA with providers, internal and with clients
  • grants/funding seeking and allocation. Finding, requesting documentation. Process from identify to receive.
  • tendering process for goods and services
  • IPv6 deployment (planning, implementation and operation)
  • requirements definition, establishment and operation of a NOC and/or Service Desk
  • secure regulated resources (fiber, wireless spectrum)
  • numbering schemes, IP addresses claim, justification, plan, LIR to community
  • automatic service provisioning, tools development
  • usage of WiMAX/WMN (wireless in general) in supporting Campus connectivity/MAN
  • equipment lifecycle and SLA in remote locations
  • management of multivendor networks
  • usage of renewable energy towards self sustained or hybrid POP. use of alternative sources of energy than the grid
  • experience with standalone IPv6 networks
 Sabine Jaume
  • IPv6
  • help to set up an NREN (organisational matters, etc..)
  • Using the EVO Videoconferencing tool : EVO (Enabling Virtual Organizations)


If you would like to participate:

If you wish to find out more about twinning or make a request to participate, please send an email to John DYER.

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