NREN Twinning between African and European NRENs

Objectives of the TWINNING ACTIVITY

The objective of the twinning exercise between Africa and Europe is to build relationships and speed up the development of NRENs in Africa. Part of the plan is to build long term contacts between staff in the African NRENs with staff in the European NRENs.

Capacity Building could be provided in different areas (non exhaustive list):

Expectations of an African NREN

  1. Establish a technical staff exchange program. African NRENs who are setting up new NOCs would really appreciate their engineers spending two to four weeks at a European NOC to learn how to operate a high-speed and large R&E network. In the same way, engineers from the European NREN could spend 2-4 weeks in Africa helping to establish the NOC operations, design optical fibre networks using dark fibre, and helping us optimize our networks.
  2. The African NREN would provide accommodation, transport, and tourism to the engineers from European NREN and hopefully, that is also possible with European NREN (cannot afford accommodation costs unless grants are applied for).
  3. Need to develop project management skills of senior technical staff and that could be done through the exchange program.
  4. Need to facilitate visits to university ICT centres to learn about structures, procedures, and campus network design and operations. This would not only be open to African NREN staff but also university technical staff.
  5. Need African technical staff to attend conferences and training workshops, especially in emerging areas of transition to IPv6 and optical fibre network design.
  6. The African/European NREN exchanges would be windows for collaboration among faculty and researchers in the different member universities.
The material above was produced by Michael Nowlan on behalf of DANTE.

Twinning Initiative: Expertise Available and Sought

European and African NRENs can place information on the expertise they are able to offer to other NRENs and also the type of expertise sought at La Place. This areas isbeing used as a pilot repository and may be developed in new ways in order to improve its easy of use and effectiveness.

If you wish your NREN to be included in the summary please provide information to be entered in all columns. The initiative is open to all AFRICAN and EUROPEAN NRENs

Please send information to: John DYER.

Workshop on Twinning

The FEAST PROJECT partners held a half-day workshop on:
TUESDAY 27 OCTOBER 2009 between 10:00 CET and 13:00 CET


Other participants: Apologies (for technical reasons)

If you would like to participate:

If you wish to find out more about twinning or make a request to participate, please send an email to John DYER.

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