Lighthouse Demonstrators

As the objective of the FEAST study is to prepare the ground for the support of a rapid establishment of an expandable regional research and education network (RREN) in Southern and Eastern Africa for the benefit of the research and education community, it is important to identify applications that can make use of the new infrastructure once it is in place.

The FEAST team is therefore looking for projects and applications which can demonstrate the immediate impact and the value of such RREN. These may be existing applications that can be further developed over the new network infrastructure, as well as wholly new application areas.

Ideally such projects and applications have partners in several East African countries with existing or emerging NRENs that will connect to the RREN as well as partners in other African countries, in Europe, and other continents and have an impact on health, education, governance and socioeconomic development.

Applications Coordination

Gerti Foest
Berlin, Germany